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The program of training for ICN ( Infection Control Nurse )

 Developing character and liberal
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 The program of training for ICN( Infection Control Nurse )
Based on the educational principles of Kurume University and the academic objectives of the Graduate School of Medicine, this ICN development curriculum aims to develop infection control nursing experts who possess advanced practical nursing skills and can participate in epidemiological studies, infection control and surveillance activities for the purpose of preventing infectious diseases in communities and managing epidemics from their outbreak to cessation.

 ICN ( Infection Control Nurse )
 The role of Infection Control Nurse (infection control nurse, ICN) is expected emergent a new model of influenza ,such as a global prevalence of a revival infectious disease, the accident outbreak that danger of herd infection is sublimed into from aggravation of health environment by a halt of a lifeline, measures of infection AIDS in a developing country and poor society, Malaria, a spread of tuberculosis, a country and an institution and more various situation.

Education and Training of ICN are considered to be urgent business which can be active in the spot of international health or the actual place.

Although extensive technical knowledge and practical skills are important, it is not concerned either, and an education organization bringing up specialized nurse for infection nursing (university meeting authorization school pro-Japanese nursing) is only a few 3 graduate school in the country not enough.

Thus we found Certified Nurse Specialist for infectious diseases course of study which in master's course clinical nursing studies group “conceptual bases for clinical nursing" in April, 2009 in this school and clinical infection medicine of a master's course, bio statistics group, social medicine group, the action that cooperated with experimental medicine group mainly on this course.

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